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Tar Gel

Tar Gel is an advanced tar remover with sprayable gel characteristics, for exterior vehicle cleaning.


  • Fast Acting
  • Contains emulsifiers to aid rinsing
  • Sprayable Gel
  • Slow drying for superb contact time

Tar Gel is an advanced tar remover with sprayable gel characteristics, for exterior vehicle cleaning.

Product SKU: C-102

This product is based on a blend of hydrocarbon solvents that quickly dissolve tough tar spots. It contains advanced thickeners that provide a spray and cling consistency. This results in a dramatic decrease in product run-off and drying out, meaning less product needs to be used. It also contains emulsifiers that help rinse the product away after use.


Shake well before use. This product is intended to be applied using a solvent-resistant spray, avoiding plastic trims and rubber. After a suitable contact time, without allowing the product to dry, rinse clean with a water jet.


This product is intended to be used as supplied.

Special Care

Avoid contact with plastic and rubber. Do not allow to dry on the paintwork.


  • Density: 0.84 - 0.86
  • Colour: Brown
  • Odour: Solvent
  • Clarity: Opaque


  • Eye Dam. 1
  • Flam. Liq. 3
  • Skin Irrit. 2
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