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PIP Chemicals Ltd has a catalogue of approaching 200 different products, giving our customers a superb selection of products to choose from.

Stage 1 – Proven Premium Range.

    • A core range of market leading products which can be supplied in small volumes without setup or development costs
    • Costs – entry level
    • Volumes – low (up to 100L)
    • Target customer – detailer seeking an easy passive income to accompany their service or the small brand, looking to test the market.


Stage 2 – Standard Colour & Fragrance Customisation

    • Products from the Stage 1 range can be customised with different colours and fragrances. We have a selection of proven customisations which can be manufactured, with only the addition of a batch customisation charge
    • Costs – entry level + customisation charge
    • Volumes – low to moderate (100-200L)
    • Ideal customer — early stage brand where they can get the benefit of premium and proven products but without being limited to one colour and fragrance, yet without requiring large volumes and setup costs.


Stage 3 – Extended Range & Bespoke Colour & Fragrance Customisation

    • With increased volume, a more comprehensive range is available incorporating products which are not economical to manufacture in small batches.
    • We can create new combinations of colour & fragrance, entirely bespoke to our customers. This is a chargeable service as we are not content with the industry norm of products routinely changing appearance in sunlight or when exposed to heat or cold.
    • Costs – entry level + customisation charge + development costs (one off, per product)
    • Volumes – moderate to high (200-4000L)
    • Ideal customer – growing brands seeking to differentiate from the competition


Stage 4 – Bespoke formulations

    • We can create entirely new formulations, based on customer specifications or briefs. This can mean anything from replicating a product which is no longer available elsewhere through to creating a totally unique solution, based on performance characteristics.
    • Costs – bespoke + extended development costs (one off, per product)
    • Volumes – moderate to high (200-4000L)
    • Ideal customer – high potential brands



PIP Chemicals has a very broad selection of colours available, and these can be blended to achieve most conceivable shades.

Preferentially, we will use low staining dyes which minimise the risk of discolouration of light coloured fabrics or garments. In certain products, we can use novel pigments to give such effects as, for instance, glitter. We stock both water soluble and oil soluble dyes, providing scope to colour almost any of our product offerings.


PIP Chemicals has an ever expanding range of fragrances available, and these can be blended to achieve most conceivable fragrance.

Currently, we have approximately 40 distinct fragrances which can be incorporated into the majority of our formulated products. Furthermore, fragrances can typically be combined – for instance, cherry and cola to yield a cherry cola aroma.

Light Fastness/UV Stability

PIP Chemicals Limited recognises that there is more to just colouring and fragrancing a product – the resulting product must be stable to the storage and usage conditions it will experience.

The most commonly seen problem occurs when products are left in direct sunlight, in transparent bottles – the product discolours and often ends up unidentifiable.

Whilst this rarely results in performance issues, it presents a bad impression to users and is an issue with retailers who would return stock, potentially with penalties to the brand.

Chemical Stability

Through years of experience, we know that small changes in product formulation, even changing a fragrance, can totally change the colour stability within the product and we know that every last product must be tested, to confirm stability.

To that end, we have dedicated, state of the art, equipment which can simulate extreme light and temperature conditions so that we can provide confidence which few of our competitors will even attempt to match.