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PIP Chemicals is a company dedicated to automotive cleaning and maintenance.

For more information about Pip Chemicals take a read through our Help Centre section.


We are very aware of the common practices of internet going enthusiasts and the desire to identify the supply chains of automotive brands.

It is thus central to our business operations to keep the identities of our customers as confidential as possible.

As a result, we will not discuss the names or business specifics of any of our customers with anyone but that specific customer.

We do not ‘name drop’ to attempt to gain new customers. We do not tell end users that we supply any product to any brand, in some attempt to gain a direct sale. We do not divulge the name of a customer to our suppliers, even when discussing product developments required for that customer. At the time of setting up an account, we provide a business application form which incorporates a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which formalises our commitment to confidentiality.

Health and Safety

PIP Chemicals takes Health and Safety very seriously.

Over recent years, we have become increasingly aware of the failings of brands operating in our sector and we strive to ensure that our customers are as compliant with regulations as possible.

To that end, we have made sizeable, ongoing, investment in software which ensures that our products are classified according to the most up to date regulaions.

All of our products are backed up by Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) – which are a regulatory obligation – it is a serious breach of regulations to refuse to supply these to a product user and they must be made easily available.


Our MSDS are provided with no reference to PIP Chemicals, having only the customer’s details visible, to ensure that readers are not able to identify PIP Chemicals as the source.

We are able to provide regulatory support, within the scope of our software solution, to assist customers in generating their own labelling and product literature and we are able to connect customers with specialists in regulatory affairs, where more detailed advice is required. Our customers are provided with their own portal where they are able to view regulatory information, relating to their products, in addition to accessing the MSDS and, of course, placing orders.


PIP Chemicals has packaging facilites allowing us to pack into units ranging from 1000L IBC tanks through to 50ml bottles.

If it is desired to purchase in retail ready units, we have a range of stock containers to choose from or can advise on suitability and supply chain, should a customer wish to source their own, for us to subsequently package. We can advise on labelling requirements and make recommendations for expert consultation, if and when it is required.

Pricing - VAT

PIP Chemicals is a custom manufacter – the majority of our products are made to order and are not simply bulk manufactured products where all customers get the same product.

As a result, we price based on the volumes and packaging units required and, as above, this pricing will decrease notably, as volumes increase and the labour contribution decreases. our prices are always stated exclusive of VAT and carriage.

How do you become a customer?

As above, we sell directly to 3rd party brands and require that our customers represent such a brand.

We ask that potential customers complete our business application form, including our NDA, which allows us to set the customer up on our system. We are then able to create sample requests, forward pricing information and generate customer specific products for subsequent sale.


The majority of our carriage is by pallet service. This is split between hazardous and non-hazardous carriers, to ensure that products are delivered as safely and as economically as possible.

The norm for these services is 2-3 working days for delivery and it should be noted that these services are almost never trackable, as is the case with parcel carriers. We do require that our customers specify and conditions of delivery, in advance – for instance if an advisory call to ensure a premises is occupied or if a pallet necessarily must be off-loaded with pallet truck and tail-lift.

The default for these services is based on the assumption that delivery points will be manned throughout the working day and that a forklift will be available to off-load.

Minimum order quantities

In principle, we can manufacture and volume of any of our products.

However, in order to ensure value for money, we typically impose minimum order quantities of 100L of any one product. In the case of high end sealants, coatings and fragrance oils, we will typically work on 1L minimum order quantities.

To who do we sell?

PIP Chemicals Limited sells exclusively to 3rd party brands. We do not maintain our own customer facing brand and we do not sell to end users.

This differentiates us from our competitors because we do not sell in direct competition with our customers. As our customer, you need not be worried that we will take the results of your hard work and immediately sell it as our own.

Your Success is Our Success

You do not need to worry that we will undercut your prices and steal your business away.

This approach allows us to employ an open working relationship where it is in our best interest to support our customers to the best of our abilities as their success becomes our success. Our business is about long terms relationships, not one off orders.

Refund Policy

PIP Chemicals Limited manufactures bespoke products, to order. These products are customised to each individual customer and thus refunds are only provided in the event of a product being outside of specification or otherwise faulty. If you believe this to be the case, please contact us directly, raising your reason for concern and we will investigate fully. Should the product be deemed indeed to have a fault, a refund will be provided on return of the goods.