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Clay Lubricants

Clay Lubricants product range

Car clay lubricant is a specialised aid designed to be used during the claying process. Claying is used in detailing environments, to remove particulate matter which has become embedded within the paint and is not easily removed by chemical means. As the clay comes into contact with the contamination, it pulls it out of the paint and holds it in the clay. The clay itself gets dirty and the exposed surface is covered with abrasive contamination. In order to minimise the damage caused by this abrasive material, a clay lubricant is used to help the clay slide over the paint smoothly and without scratching or marring the paint. Related products include: Fallout Remover, Tar Remover.

Clay Lubricant

Clay Lubricant is a water based lubricant that maximises the lifetime of clay while minimising the introduction of damage to the paintwork.

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