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Safe/Natural/Environmentally Friendly/etc. Biocide – it’s breaching regulations and should be reported!

08 November 2020

BPR breaches – yet again

Once again we have run into a load of advertising about safe biocides. Environmentally friendly. No dangerous chemicals… maybe you are buying such a product? Well read this:


This is extracted from HSE Biocidal Products advertising guidelines. It is neither hard to find nor difficult to understand.

Facebook is filled with products which breach this. The press is filled with products which breach this. Our local regional governing body even sang the praises of a company blatantly ignoring this!

If you find a product breaching this, report it to the HSE Biocides Team.

Companies which cannot adhere to the regulations are bringing down the hard earned reputation of the chemical industry. They are taking business from long standing manufacturers who spend time and money getting it right. Lets support our great chemical sector and start chasing the cowboys out!



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