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New Product Development – Bleeding Fallout

23 February 2020

As part of our ongoing development programme, PIP Chemicals Limited is working on the next generation fallout remover/Bleeding wheel cleaner product.

Our current product is already version 5, having been one of the earliest products available on the market. This product remains a top end performer but end user requirements have evolved. No longer is the product used purely as a fallout remover – thus cleaning power is of critical importance. Moreover, whilst the extent and immediacy of the bleeding is not a reliable indicator of the cleaning capacity of the product, this is now the primary deciding factor for consumers.

This development is now entering its latter stages. Already we have achieved:

– lower odour
– faster bleeding

The below image shows the results from the cleaning component of the development. This test is done with a standard road soil/traffic film. If a product cannot remove this soiling, it will not effectively access and remove the fallout.

Fallout cleaning

As can be seen, all the test samples are showing extremely strong results, certainly comparable (if not superior) to dedicated prewash type products.

We are extremely excited about this new version, so get in touch and register your interest for samples, as soon as they become available!

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