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Nano sealant? Better check the regulations!

08 February 2020

TiO2 regulations change

We recently spotted an update from the extremely knowledgeable Janet Greenwood. It might not mean anything to you, at first, but nano-scale TiO2 was a common component of aftermarket super/nano type sealants and coatings. It has become common that the safety data on these products is unavailable to the public (this being a breach of Health and Safety regulations, on its own), so it is hard to comment on whether it remains in many coating products. It is important to note that this is a European regulations (sorry, it still applies to the UK!). If your coating is genuinely manufactured in the EU, it will be the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure that their product adheres to and is labelled appropriately, according to the regulations. If your product is sourced from Korea or other non-EU countries, it is your responsibility. If you aren’t sure, we would advise you get in touch with a specialist like Janet, at TT Environmental, who can assist.

See some notes below:

Packaging of liquid and solid mixtures containing “1% or more of titanium dioxide particles with aerodynamic diamater equal to or below 10 μm” would be affected.

Liquid mixtures (e.g. paints, coatings etc.) in the future would have to be labelled: “EUH211: Hazardous respirable droplets may be formed when sprayed. Do not breathe spray or mist.”
– regardless of whether they are used for spray applications.

Solid mixtures with 1% or more titanium dioxide should carry the label: “EUH212: Warning! Hazardous respirable dust may be formed when used. Do not breathe dust”.

Original story sourced from TiO2 regulations.

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