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Labelling 101

28 December 2019

Labelling matters

We all know that we need a label on our car cleaning products, that goes without saying. But do you know just how much you are legally required to provide?

Can you just display a symbol? Do you need a signal word? What is a signal word?! Do you need to adhere to the Detergents Regulations? What are the Detergents Regulations?

Buyer beware

There are so many important questions which you need to ask, as a seller to the general public. Many answers can be found in the mandatory safety Data sheets but you need to know what you are looking for. Worse still, if you are not the end user, your supplier does NOT have to provide all of this information. Yet that does not free you from your downstream responsibilities and this would be no defence, in the eyes of the law.

Correct info

At PIP Chemicals Limited, we do our very best to keep you up to date with all the information you need on all of our car cleaning supplies such as our snowfoam and glass cleaner, we don’t just provide information that we are obliged to give you!

We can help

Don’t find yourselves with tens of thousands of bottles on the market before you discover how to do it properly. Talk to us today and we will either help your directly or forward you to someone who can, even if you are not our customer.

Lets make chemical safety better!

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