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Industrial and Commercial Vehicle Cleaning

08 November 2022

Winter Vehicle Washing

Now that winter has arrived, so has the need for heavy duty car cleaning products. Unfortunately it comes at a time where energy prices are dramatically increased which has had a massive impact upon energy driven commodities, such as caustic soda, which is the basis for a great many bulk car wash chemicals. For instance, the crucial commodity products, Traffic Film Remover or Non-Acid Wheel Cleaners rely heavily on both this caustic and sequestrants, which are also in big demand with large premiums.


What can we do?

A great many car cleaning chemicals are sold having passed through multiple stages, each taking a profit. The obvious solution is to look to buying directly from the manufacturer. PIP Chemicals Limited is an idea choice here. We specialise in automotive care. We are not a janitorial manufacturer throwing together cheap formulations with no experience – premium automotive care products is what we do!


Who can we help?

PIP Chemicals Limited routinely supplies to third party brands, those which wholesale or retail onwards, with their own branding. However, with industrial and commercial chemicals and bulk car wash chemicals, we are able to supply directly to end users, potentially facilitating massive savings. We are able to easily facilitate customers in Norther Ireland and the UK (Irish sales are limited to resellers only).


What Products do we offer?

We have a huge range and will be highlighting these in the coming days and weeks. A few highlights are below:


Ultra Concentrate TFR

This is our premium Traffic Film Remover. Where other premium products might be 18-20% active, our product is in excess of 40%! It is also not just a cheap blend of caustic – we use premium EDTA to supercharge the cleaning power. This product cleans, it isn’t just burning the dirt off your paint, like so many economy offerings. It is available from stock in IBC volumes. It can be used at up to 200:1, which is as much as 4x the strength of other commercial TFRs. IBC costs are £1750 ex VAT/Carriage – when diluted to compare with the competition, this offers superb value as well as excellent performance.


Caustic Wheel Cleaner

This is a high strength yet economical – acid free – wheel cleaner. It is routinely diluted before use and sprayed onto rims, allowed to dwell and pressure washed away. It offers extreme cleaning power giving superb economy. IBCs are available from £750 ex VAT/Carriage.


Luxury Shampoo

This is our fantastic grape shampoo! It is highly economical yet a pleasure to use. If foams well, lubricates superbly and the grape fragrance is a pleasure to work with. IBCs are available from £850 ex VAT/Carriage.


Ultimate Detailer

The final stage of your process needs to leave the vehicle looking great. This is where Ultimate Detailer comes in! It is supremely easy to use and can be used as part of your final drying process or just as a spray wax. It gives unrivalled gloss and an incredibly slick feeling as well as great beading and water repellency. It can even be used on glass. As with the shampoo above, we offer this with a grape fragrance which is just amazing! It can be bought in larger packs but we routinely sell in case quantities of 5L, starting from £30 ex VAT/Carriage.


This is just a brief few products and prices. We can do any products in your desired pack sizes, subject to minimum order quantities (typically working from 200L and upwards).


For more information,  contact me directly.


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