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Get shopping – Safely!

11 June 2020

It has just been announced – NORMALITY IS RETURNING!

All retail is now able to open in Northern Ireland, including shopping centres. This is fantastic news and we sincerely hope that this will be the beginning of the recovery for the many retailers who have been hit so hard by this crisis.

In order to ensure that we return to normality, safely, it remains essential to protect both the retailers and their customers. That means strict cleanliness and sanitising. PIP Chemicals Limited is here to help!

We have been active throughout this crisis, supplying to critical services, keeping the province and nation safe. Our main offering has been alcohol hand sanitising gel – where we have multiple options available. We have product tested to EN1276 certification and can confidently state that our products kill 99.999% of bacteria whilst the high alcohol content – in line with government recommendations – makes it effective against viruses. Additionally and more recently, we have added an EN14476 certified surface sanitiser and cleaner. This superb product is one of a limited few which have this certification and are being supported through the extensive Biocidal Products Regulations. This spray and wipe product is ideal for cleaning, sanitising and leaving a residual protection on almost any hard surface!

It is not our norm to publish pricing, as we often supply customised options and those labelled with our customer info – requiring dedicated pricing structures. However, for low volume purchases, the following is out current offering:

Alcohol Hand Sanitising Gel
500ml (with fliptop cap) – £2.5+VAT, based on case quantities of 24 units.
5L – £20+VAT, based on case quantities of 4 units.

Viroclean – Virucidal Surface Cleaner
500ml (with spray) – TBC, based on case quantities of 24 units.
5L – £10+ VAT, based on case quantities of 4 units.

In all of the above, large quantities attract notable discounts – please get in touch now for further information, alternatively email me now – we can help keep you safe without hurting your pocket!

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