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WHO Alcohol Sanitiser? Alcohol Hand Gel? Yes we can!

09 May 2020

Following our series of posts, we are seeing a big increase in enquiries about these products. As we all become more mobile again, it really is essential that we adhere to good cleaning practices or we will just find ourselves here again in a short few weeks or months.

We are also seeing a lot of new suppliers on the market. Everyone has the right to help but that does not remove the obligation to meet the basic chemical regulations. Unfortunately, we have numerous companies which have registered within the last few weeks, with no experience manufacturing or even selling hazardous chemicals. So beware – make sure your supplier hasn’t setup for a quick profit, because they can dump you the second it ceases to make the money they want.

What about PIP?
We have been in existence for nearly 10 years. We have a dedicated manufacturing facility and making chemicals is what we do, all day, every day. Moreover, we are chemists and scientists. We know chemicals. We know the regulations.

Our alcohol hand products?
We have a range of suitable products. We have obtained official permit to make the WHO formulation – contrary to some belief, one cannot just make to the formulation and sell it. Permits are often required and there is very strict guidance on how these products can be advertised and how they must be labelled. The WHO formulation is a NON-gel product. Any product which has thickener added to make any form of gel is NOT WHO specification as this specification prohibits the use of thickeners.

However, if you want or need a gel type product, PIP Chemicals Limited can facilitate! We choose our materials to meet cosmetic standards, ensuring they do not give rise to the risk of unforseen skin reactions. We can supply Ethanol based Gels and Isopropanol based Gels, the choice of which tends to be down to material availability, as both will achieve the same goal. These gels can be low or high viscosity, as desired. Our personal preference is low viscosity gels – these are super easy to apply using flip top or other dispensing caps (or even sprayable, if really desired) and spread really easily without sticky effect. The thicker gels are better suited to lotion pumps (which are currently hard to obtain) and dedicated dispensers.

PIP Chemicals Hand Gel

PIP Chemicals Limited is traditionally a seller to 3rd party brands and we continue to operate this way – We can put YOUR branding and company information onto any bottle. Of course, where this is not required, we can supply with PIP branding and labelling (as noted above, it breaches the most fundamental regulations not to have supplier information on such a product).

If you have got this far – well done! If we can help you, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your needs and keep our prices as some of the lowest in the country!

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