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Water beading gone? Coating clogged? Nano-wotsit-blocked? Wrong care product?

30 January 2020

Water beading on paint

If you are into your detailing, this is not going to be new to you. You have applied your high end sealant or coating and in a matter of a few weeks, the beading is diminishing. But the manufacturer told you it would last for more than a year – what gives?

No doubt you will have read the stories online. It is nothing to do with the product – of course – it is some external factor.

It seems that every manufacturer has an answer. their own spin on the technical terminology. It all boils down to the old chestnut of washing up liquid strips wax. This myth has been thoroughly debunked because it was simple – there was stuff sticking to the wax, hiding the beading. The wax was, mostly, still there. Of course, having this new information available, it is now the cause of our loss of beading on high tech sealants and coatings. With this, we have no real argument.

What occurs to us is – Why can these super sealants be overcome with a bit of fairly liquid and dirt?

Why all the marketing speak, when it boils down to –your paint is dirty?

At PIP Chemicals Limited, we call a spade a spade. We have sealants which will need a good clean to regain the beading, but no special product is needed to achieve it. We can sell you sealants which repel not only the water, but also the soils and contamination which is responsible for ‘clogging’ other products.

So get in touch now and we will upgrade your protection!

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