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Sanitising solutions – Soap, Disinfectant, Surface Cleaner/Sanitiser

23 March 2020

Times are tough. We are all locked down now but the hard work still goes on.

We all know about hand sanitisers but simple hand soap is also effective. A thorough wash with hand soap will provide protection against the virus. To this end, we have a newly formulated hand soap, which offers superb value for money for a bactericidal hand soap. We are focusing on trade and services at this point – to that end, 5L containers provide the best value and allow refilling of dispensers, rather than purchasing of repeated small packaging units. Guideline pricing:

5L Anti-bacterial Soap- pallets quantities (160x5L) – £8.2+VAT/unit

Beyond hand care, it is critical to disinfect surfaces. To that end we have a simple, safe and effective biocide/disinfectant for general purpose use. We are providing it unfragranced as we are aware that it may need to be used in sensitive areas and strong fragrances are not ideal for those potentially suffering respiratory ailments. The product is supplied in a concentrate form (50:1) and needs diluted in water and sprayed onto the surface. Surfaces can be wiped but should not be rinsed (this will leave some residual effect). As with the soap, we are focusing on 5L units:

5L Multi Surface Disinfectant – pallets quantities (160x5L) – £4.5+VAT/unit

Finally we have a superb cleaner/sanitiser product. Unlike the disinfectant, this not only kills the nasties but cleans even stubborn soiling. We can supply this as a concentrate but are focusing on the ready to use version. this product has a lead time of w/c 6th April (all other products can be made from stock, immediately). Once more, pricing in 5L:

5L Multi Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser – pallets quantities (160x5L) – £4+VAT/unit

Enquiries should be direct by email to [email protected]

We are an experience national supplier. Whilst we are based in the North of Ireland, the majority of our business is in ROI and GB and our carriage networks remain strong and operational. If you are struggling for supply, we will be able to assist, so get in touch immediately.

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