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Hand Sanitiser – No more cheap and nasty alcohol smells!

19 September 2020

No cheap vodka smell

Unless you have been mega fortunate – you already know what I am talking about!

Almost every time you use a hand sanitiser in a shop, hotel or restaurant you find yourself smelling your hands to question what horrible smell awaits. And they are horrible.

Do you know why?

Simple! You are buying a product made with cheap alcohol. It may be that it has come from a grade which has harmless impurities, perhaps from a distillery/brewery or wherever. Well then maybe it’s just a bad smell. Maybe you have bought it from someone using a methanol containing grade of ethanol. Did you know methanol is toxic, even by skin contact? Chances are your supplier doesn’t know or is ignoring that! The guidance states that these levels should be less than 0.2% but we know there are may with 400x that (and those are some of the better ones!). Maybe you bought it from someone who has used an even more industrial alcohol – maybe it has the likes of ethyl acetate. Again, toxic and should not be in there.

All of these examples, whether toxic or otherwise lead to one thing.


Is your first thought that you want to go and buy a nice meal? Is it that you want to go and buy some high value goods?


You are thinking how nasty this stuff is. You are waiting to find out how sticky your hands are going to be. You are wondering how long the smell will last. Sorry but in my book that is just bad!

So what can we do?

Well if it is your store, restaurant or hotel – buy from someone else! You almost certainly bought the cheapest option so just stop! Premium options do not cost as much as you think!

How can PIP Chemicals help?

We manufacture our products from either genuine TSDA1 Ethanol or from Pharma or BPR grade Isopropanol. These are the purest base materials available. They smell like clean alcohol. Moreover, our thickeners are carefully selected to give the optimal user experience and not leave unpleasant residues. Better still, we have premium fragranced options. Some say it is a gimmick but it is not. People will smell their hands because they smell nice. Why do people buy Molton Brown products? Smell! Not only do our products not smell nasty, they smell FANTASTIC! People will reach for the products because they like the smell. They won’t shy away from sanitising, they will actively WANT to do it.

Contact us now if you want a product which your customers will love using and which lives up to the reputation you work so hard to create!


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