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Hand Cleanser for return to work

27 April 2020

Many of us are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and many are either going back to work or will be doing so in the next few days or weeks.

It is critical that we not forget that the problem has not gone away. Cleanliness and social distancing has worked, but we must persist. Whilst we have all been at home, our interactions have been limited and need for constant cleaning has been less critical. Not so in the workplace. With many new people sharing the same spaces, it is absolutely essential that we ramp up our cleaning regimes to minimise the potential for further spread or any ‘second waves’.

PIP Chemicals Hand Gel

PIP Chemicals Limited has been working hard over the past couple of months, supplying alcohol hand cleansing products to such varied groups as medics, care homes, police services and, of course, wholesale and retail. To date we are proud to say that we have supplied approaching 50,000L. We are not taking a different approach and are supplying our products with our own label (also available with customer branding, where desired). We are not trying to win awards for design, just trying to make product available to the work-forces that will rely upon it, to keep them same.

The product here is our 70% Alcohol Hand Gel. This is a thickened gel product suitable for frequent use. In addition to this we can also provide a lower viscosity alternative – this remains a thickened product but is a more runny consistency as preferred by some (your author amongst them). Further we have our Alcohol Hand Sanitiser (WHO) which is precisely formulated to meet the WHO specifications and we have obtained UK permit to manufacture this. This latter formulation cannot be thickened – as outlined in the spec and permit from WHO and the HSE. We are selling in 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L packs (as well as bulk for those who require) and you need not sell a kidney to pay for them!

So if your workplace has needs, if you are a small or independent retailer looking for an alternative for your customers or if you have any other need, get in touch with me now.

**Please note that we are operate on a business to business basis and cannot sell single units to private individuals.

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