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Back to work – keep safe!

24 May 2020

As the country gradually moves back to normality, work places fill and transportation becomes busier. That means that it is all the more important to adhere to good sanitary practices to minimise onward spread of the coronavirus and ensure that no 2nd wave of infections leads to further lock downs.

PIP Chemicals Limited has been operating throughout the lockdown and we have supplied alcohol hand gels and sanitisers to a vast array of key sectors, notable healthcare, government and police, in addition to private business. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that we offer good quality products without profiteering, as a huge number of suppliers have chosen to do. Thanks to our manufacturing products in-house and superb relationships with our supply chain, we have not only continued to maintain excellent pricing, but have been able to continually improve. Thankfully the market has now levelled off and many of the cowboy suppliers have departed, so now is the ideal time to get your business prepared for full return, without needing to sell an internal organ to fund it.

We offer multiple Alcohol based cleansers and sanitisers and can customise as desired:

These products (with the exception of the WHO, which must not be thickened) can be supplied in a variety of thicknesses, subject to minimum quantities for customisation.

It is not our norm to publish pricing, as we often supply customised options and those labelled with our customer info – requiring dedicated pricing structures. However, for low volume purchases, the following is out current offering:

500ml (with fliptop cap) – £3+VAT, based on case quantities of 24 units.
5L – £25+VAT, based on case quantities of 4 units.
IBC – £4000+VAT, based on single units

In all of the above, large quantities attract notable discounts – please get in touch now for further information, alternatively email me now!

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