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Alcohol Hand Sanitiser – No Flammable? AVOID!

22 August 2020

Alcohol Hand sanitiser 101.

Does the product you are using or buying have this symbol (these colours, not a triangle shape or any other deviation)?

Chances are, it should. Unless you are absolutely certain of the manufacturer, just don’t buy it!

Simple explanation – this is the most basic labelling requirement. Excepting a limited few products which are registered under the extremely thorough and exacting cosmetic regulations, every last alcohol sanitiser must have this (others may be needed as well). If it doesn’t have this, the supplier is very likely in breach or regulations and you should in no way trust that they aren’t breaching other regulations and putting the safety of you, your staff or your children at risk.

Report to HSE, trading standards and environmental health. Let’s shift the cowboys back where they came from.

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