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09 April 2020

PIP Chemicals Limited is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the official World Health Organisation Hand Sanitiser formulation.

Whilst most consumers are unaware, there are very strict guidelines in place, limiting the use and sale of biocidal products, in order to protect users from harmful effects. We have worked tirelessly to offer a product where we can make genuine claims of effectiveness, against microorganisms and viruses – such as coronavirus. We have now been granted official permit – by the UK Authorities – to manufacture and sell this product. In order to achieve this, we have demonstrated the quality of our materials and conformity with the WHO formulatory guidelines. In short, our product meets the highest specification and has demonstrable efficacy in killing bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus COVID-19.

PIP Chemicals Limited is able to offer this product for sale immediately. We have secured a steady supply of alcohol and we are committed to selling the product at a reasonable price. We are able to sell in IBCs, 200L drums, 1L bottles, 500ml bottles and we have a limited quantity of 250ml bottles will be available. We are able to offer in case quantities and above – non-palletised orders would be for collection only.

Enquiries should be directed to [email protected]. Get in touch and lets keep us all safe!

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