Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner

One complaint which we hear, year after year, is windows misting when the temperatures start to drop! We know well that we can seal our glass and make water run off but this is totally the opposite to what we need to achieve with an anti-fog product. In practice, a water repellent surface will fog very badly and, likewise, an antifogging surface will not repel water. Worse, the technology to provide anti-fog coatings is much less developed than water repellent finishes and such products tend to have very difficult application protocols. As such, the best method presently available is the use of a temporary coating which is applied regularly, when the glass is cleaned.

Several products like this are already on the market but make use of silicone chemistries, the results typically being a high tendency for smearing (or, if buffing away the smears, a compromised antifog performance). Since the products are supposedly glass cleaners, we felt that this behaviour was unacceptable. We have followed an entirely different route having investigated several specialised polymers (from natural sources).


  • COMPLETE: Trials of potential polymers completed - optimal polymer identified

  • IN PROGRESS: Formulation optimisation for cost and performance

  • IN PROGRESS: Supply chain optimisation

Permanent Paint Protection Sealant

Whilst our existing products provide protection to paint work ranging from a month up to a year, we have been asked to supply a product which provides even longer protection.

At present, we are aware of numerous 'long life' products but only one 'permanent' product available to the aftermarket automotive sector. This latter class has been our focus with the intention of producing a permanent coating to protect paint work, to facilitate the easy removal of soiling (including graffiti) and a superior resistance to aggressive solvents.


  • COMPLETE: Product ready