PIP Chemicals designs, formulates and manufactures both standard products and custom variants. Our customers can choose from our list of existing products groups and types or can come to us with a specification in mind and we can design a product to match. Whether it is a specific colour or fragrance, a variation to an existing product or an entirely new concept, we are able to formulate a product as required.

The majority of our existing products can be coloured and fragranced according to customer taste. Depending upon order quantity, we can use either fragrances and colours from our existing stocks or bring in specific new materials.

We can provide samples of any product to genuine trade contacts to enable trial and assessment. Subject to discussion and pricing, we can produce trial batches prior to complete production batches. Once in production, our typical minimum order quantity is 200L although this can be tailored depending upon product specifics.

Carriage costs vary depending upon product type and quantity. Pallet carriage rates are approximately 60-100GBP to most of the UK although this can be a bit higher for some areas and for some hazardous goods. Individual box carriage costs can be as low as 5GBP per item, for delivery to a local depot of non-hazardous goods. Hazardous items can only be carried with specialised carriers at a cost of approximately 20GBP per carton.

Product types

  • Prewash

    Initial wash products to remove heavy soiling prior to hand washing, typically diluted and applied by spray.

  • Snowfoam

    High foaming wash products to remove heavy soiling. Diluted and applied through dedicated foam lances or venturi systems.

  • TFR

    Wash products designed to remove traffic films and heavy soiling to give a touchless or nearly touchless wash. Typically applied via high pressure dosing systems.

  • Shampoo

    Mild surfactant based cleaners for hand washing applications.

  • Decontamination

    Products for deep cleaning to remove even heavily bonded contamination.

  • Wheel Cleaning

    Acid, basic and neutral wheel cleaners suitable for spray application

  • APC and Degreaser

    Multipurpose cleaners for spray application

  • Polish

    Paint Cleansers and abrasives to rejuvenate tired and oxidised surfaces.

  • WaxWax LSP products to give superb shine and protection

  • Sealants

    Silicone based LSP products to give superb shine and protection

  • Tyres & Trim

    Tyre and trim dressings to suit a range of tastes.

  • Glass

    Glass cleaners and treatment products.

  • Panel Cleaning

    Wipe down products for use prior to application of LSPs.

  • Interior

    Interior cleaning and dressing products.

If you are seeking products for personal care, industrial or institutional cleaning, please visit Archem (NI) Limited.