What is PIP Chemicals?

PIP Chemicals is a company dedicated to automotive cleaning and maintenance. By focusing exclusively on this sector, our knowledge of the relevant materials, supply chains, packaging options, regulations and market requirements is dramatically better than that offered by companies with much broader remits. If we havenít got the product you want, we will certainly know how to make it.

Where is PIP Chemicals?

PIP Chemicals is located in Newtownards, a town only a few miles from Belfast. We are minutes from the main motorway network, local airport and seaport. We have numerous transport contacts allowing us to ship goods, both parcels and pallets, to almost anywhere on the globe.

Who is at PIP Chemicals?

Your main contacts at PIP Chemicals are Adam and Carys. Carys is responsible for daily operations and should be your first call. Adam is responsible for customer relations and product development and will be your contact when investigating new opportunities.

Why buy from PIP Chemicals?

PIP Chemicals has been supplying chemical products to all levels of the automotive sector for many years. Via the brands who trust us for their chemical needs, we supply throughout the UK and Ireland, across Europe and into areas as diverse as Australia, Canada and Africa. We are continually expanding our reach and are always happy to work with new customers, both in existing and potential new markets.

PIP Chemicals was born from research and development beginnings. We know how to keep up to date with technological advances, we know how to incorporate them into existing products and we know how to develop new ones. We are continually updating our product range to enhance and improve and to ensure that our customers can keep their brands at the forefront of the market.

In line with our connection with continuing material developments, our company systems are similarly high tech. PIP Chemicals operates using a SAP ERP system, allowing us to continually monitor stock levels and orders and to ensure orders are handled in a timely and efficient manner. All products are subject to quality control, again handled within the SAP environment, records of which are stored indefinitely. Our process equipment is advanced, including high shear mixing capabilities and specialised filling and labelling equipment. We are committed to continued re-investment in order to maintain our competitive edge.

PIP Chemicals operates as a toll manufacturer - supplying customised products to all sectors of the automotive and vehicle industry. We can supply products tailored to your desires and requirements allowing you to differentiate your range from other suppliers. Further, we customise labelling and packaging and can produce a packaged end product which is totally unique and easily identifiable as your own.

All of our products are carefully analysed to ensure adherence to all relevant regulations. Products are classified and labelled in-house taking advantage of several years of experience in chemical health and safety.

What makes PIP Chemicals different?

The major difference is that we do NOT sell to end users. This is now a very common practice but presents a reseller customer with a problem - competition. Yes, many of our competitors will happily take your money only to resell the same product, under their own brand, taking customers and money from under your feet - is that the sort of supplier you want? A secondary consideration is that, if your supplier is selling under their own brand name, are they giving you the best product and the best advice or are they keeping the best to themselves? Since PIP Chemicals sells only for resale, we are one of the few toll manufacturers who does not compete with their own customer base and one of the few who can genuinely offer the best and unbiased advice to you, our customers.

All of our products are developed and manufactured right here in the UK.